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Passion is always animal. The rational brain abandons us and we strut about like peacocks trying to catch the eye of that special someone. Paul DeHaven gets it. "Jaguars In Heat" captures the primal energy behind a hapless, hopeless romantic.

"I don't mean to bug you like some poor dirtbag with fleas," he opens. A funky, chunky accompaniment bounces behind the lyrics. "But check out my new hairdo and these fresh shoes on my feet," he continues. The opening lines ring with bravado and desperation in perfect balance.

As the assertive bassline juts in, like a countermelody gunning for the same girl, the vocals push back. Long-held notes in lines like "babe, I'm yours" growl with intensity, like a howl of desire. The bass and vocalist compete in natural harmony.

By the time DeHaven reaches the titular line, "We'll dance like jaguars in heat," everything feels in place. We feel the same urge to dance with someone; the same need to attract someone.

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It's no surprise this desire was born out of isolation. "Jaguars In Heat" was written and recorded in DeHaven's home studio during a COVID lockdown. That pent-up passion pours through every beat.

Stream "Jaguars In Heat" below.

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