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Brisbane’s own Patient Lounge present “BEGDA”, a prog rock epic which beautifully blends a classic prog sound with one of gritty alternative rock and yet is markedly modern in composition.

“BEGDA” begins dreamily and almost relaxed, though lyrically hinting at a fervor which is later realized in moments of more guitar-driven spells of that edgy alt-rock flavor. The song further ramps up to a delightfully heavy sound around the three-minute mark where the band excels in producing an intoxicating blend of high-octane instrumentation and vocals.

Lyrics corresponding with the tonal shifts throughout, it is clear that not one component of this piece has been overlooked. Such changes are further emphasized by the versatile vocal expression; at times a near whisper and at times a powerful full-bodied projection. While no component ever takes the back seat, they are also perfectly balanced so to never overwhelm the listener’s ear.

“BEGDA” is crisp, beautifully mixed, and packed with impressive technical performances by each musical element at play. If “BEGDA” is any indicator of the band’s volume of work and what is to come, Patient Lounge is not to be slept on.

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Stream “BEGDA” below.

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