Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Party of the Sun - Brassicas

Traveling past a barren field, the empty soil sitting in front of the shimmering reminders of our industrial complex off in the distance, their intersection and interconnectedness isn’t hard to see. And Ethan McBrien, the songwriter of Party of the Sun, agrees.

That visual of a field combined with a touch of improv sparked their first official release since the summer of 2020. “Brassicas” captures a gentle play between harmonic texture and instrumental space that paints a sonic picture of open farmland and wandering down desert roads as the sun rises.

The soft and casual guitar lick, repeated and built upon, both grounds and leads. It pulls you through the wistful lyrics that hide deep meaning just beneath the surface. “Even though I wanted it gone, I can’t be free,” McBrien sighs. The laidback percussion from Garrett Cameron and gentle auroral textures added by Rory Hurley further the mirage-like musical quality.

The in-betweenness Party of the Sun evokes is perfectly captured in the title: “Brassicas”. Brassica is the scientific name for the cabbage and mustard family—a highly cultivated plant standing at the crossroads of industrial agriculture and our deep connection to nature.

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Stream “Brassicas” below.

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