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Owen Hamlin returns with his second single/video, "Old Things". Part of his upcoming debut album, Right as Rain, Owen doesn't mince words with his straightforward lyrics. "I don't like new things/ Old things are better/ Time breaks down most things/ Few and far things ever find a way to last."

That wearing away of fleeting fads and trends to reveal what's worth keepingโ€”Owen Hamlin builds that concept throughout both his music and video. With growing distortion and filters, the guitars and vocals growl closer to white noise, peaking around 2:13.

But, just like the sands of time buffing out the rough edges, things return to the opening tonality. Even as the music fades, there's a sense of repetition, like this won't be erased.

In the video, everything is erased. Owen is seen writing this song, sitting behind a cluttered desk and stuck in a rut. There's frustrating violence to this stuffiness, further illustrated by a tight, blocky tie. Once he's free from the confines of office life and its sartorial restrictions, he's free to explore.

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With that kind of freedom, "Old Things" is sure to last.

Watch "Old Things" below.

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