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Ola Kvaloy - Fair Weather

You often need a minute long before you realize you need a minute. The hectic chaos of life can be insidious. Ola Kvaløy doesn't outright say he needs a minute in "Fair Weather", but there's an undercurrent begging for that break.

He pleads, "tell no other. Tell no friend." It's not solitude or seclusion he wants, just some quiet. "Give me another fair weather," he asks—just something nice and calm.

Even his tone stays mellow, with a '90s soft rock slant. That stands in contrast to the strong percussive accents on the offbeat, making this feel more like a bright bop than a zen escape. We can feel the pressure on Kvaløy from even the constant happiness baked into the consistent harmony. It's both tranquil in its stability and monotonous in its repetition, a beautiful foil to the vocals.

Combined with the powerful bass from Norwegian pop star Morten Abel and dual keyboards (and other instruments) from Thomas Gallatin and Dag Sindre Vagle, the quartet adds a modern indie twist to the otherwise vintage vibes.

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"Fair Weather" is the first single released on their album, Any Other Life, set to release in the Fall of 2022.

Stream "Fair Weather" below.

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