Thursday, November 30, 2023
Odie Leight - Crop Circles

Every coming-of-age story needs a good dose of chaos, and Odie Leigh delivers in her latest single, “Crop Circles”. As a frank and poignant reflection on girlhood, promiscuity, and more, it balances tenderness with emotional catharsis. Maybe that’s why TikTok has over 2,500 videos using the song.

Even the opening lyrics drop a bold statement encapsulating this journey. “These days, I’ve been lying about my age, pretending I’m older.” Why? To “keep some people away.” But then she proceeds to say she’s coming on too hard to strangers. It’s an honest level of “finding yourself” usually glossed over or infantilized in women’s coming of age stories. The truthful treatment makes it all the more powerful.

At the core of the piece is a question: have I changed? The chorus states, “I don’t think I’ve changed,” before quickly admitting, “I’m scared to stay the same.” Under this (and the verses), nothing much changes. There are minor variations on the harmonic theme but no new directions—until the end.

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As the piece closes, the chorus repeats under an ever-changing bed of music: a chorus joins, percussion rings out and yet the original harmony chugs along. Has Odie Leigh changed? Yes, but she’s still Odie Leigh.

Stream “Crop Circles” below.

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