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Virtually every relationship comes with baggage. Sometimes, that baggage has left you shattered. Nima tells you to collect those pieces and melt them together with someone else's fragmented self in their second single from their upcoming album Pacemaker.

"Break Into You" collects those sharp, jagged slivers of self and blends them into a new aural shape. Markus Nyberg's heady voice intones this prism of beauty, ringing out over a shifting harmonic bed, rich with Oscar Sejr's synths. Underpinning everything is Marius Havaleska's drums dancing along with shimmering hi-hats.

As Nima shift from one kaleidoscopic musical moment to another, they're continually building to their dense and beautifully cacophonic conclusion. Hjørdis Gerup, Christian Olsson, and Emil Christiansen fill the space as the vocals die out. It's an organic meets electronic moment where something new comes from the heartbreak and joy of every member of the band.

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As the only love song on Pacemaker, "Break Into You" showcases Nima's unique twist on a tried theme, an aptly chaotic and deeply personal look into each of their minds.

Stream "Break Into You" below.

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