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Vibe out to "Orbiting" by Nightmare and Sleepy. The opening track to the duo's seven-track album, Here Today, Gone Today, the song sets forth the very tone both artists are up for.

Jovan Sr., aka "Nightmare", and Jovan Jr., aka "Sleepy", compliment each other's interests in sound to arrive at a sonic character wholly their own. Mixing genres in indie, cloud hop, and more, the project creates well-crafted jams that can sit alongside some of the most notable hip-hop tunes of our time.

This catchy song is easy to follow with an upbeat tempo that's sure to make you sway whenever we can finally do that safely in person. This kind of sound can find its way into the playlists of disparate youth seeking meaning in the meaningless nature of life or just your average human seeking connectivity in the grander schemeβ€”the universe.

The song lyrics seem conversational, as if the main singers are speaking to themselves and reflecting on their experiences with substance use, escapism, or rather reacquaintance with spirituality.

In some ways, through experiences like dropping acid and turning up we can learn to let go and remember the inner fibers that unite us and remind us we are in fact here, still.

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Stream "Orbiting" and the rest of the album below.

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