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Nadia Kamrath - Confessions

Between "just two platonic friends," as Nadia Kamrath describes, there rests a secret. "Confessions", the second single from her upcoming EP, dives into the mind of a friend who wants to be more.

Kamrath's tender, vulnerable voice directs her confessions to an imagining of this friend-lover. "But the house is asleep, and I fill empty space with confessions," she laments. Her fear, trepidation, and deep desire resonate in each word.

The wistful lyrics ring with reserved percussion, giving them all the space they need. Only after a minute and a half do the drums introduce a firmer rhythm over the simple, yet expansive guitars.

Each relatively simple instrumental line interlocks to generate a softly swelling sound that cradles the would-be lover. "So, I'm waiting in vain like a lover would," she pines.

Like Nadia Kamrath's other songs, "Confessions" has a touch of autobiography mixed into the story. "I love telling stories about my experiences and interpretations of love in its most fragile state," she explains. But with her every note resonating with painful truth, it's beautifully hard to draw that line between her fact and fiction.

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Stream "Confessions" below.

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