Myles Bell wants you to feel good, but stay curious. In his latest single, “Chasing Circles”, he explores the lofty question, “why are we here?” And unlike heady existential philosophers, he gives us an answer: we’re chasing circles.

Myles started his musical career with the Ottawa-based band Wise, Young & King. After the band went their separate ways, he brought all the songs he’d wanted to produce to his solo adventure. With a focus on love, unity, and feel good vibes, he’s still at home on stage—his own version of chasing circles.

But what does “chasing circles” actually mean? To Myles Bell, it’s our desire to return to where we started. Even “Chasing Circles” ends reflecting on the beginning.

Opening with a lone guitar, building texture through a growing array of instruments and Myles’ slightly gravelly voice, exploding with a cosmic perspective filled with the twanging sparkle of an acoustic guitar and a heavenly backup chorus, before quietly fading back to just a lone guitar—the song itself is a circle.

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“We’re all just chasing circles/ Round and round we go/ Trying to find a home.” So listen on repeat. Return home. 

Stream “Chasing Circles” below.

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