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Mothe - Summers Almost Gone

Summer's end hides around the corner. With a sweet, familiar reflection, Mothé ushers its exit with their new EP, Summer's Almost Gone. From the hazy opening bars of the title track, Spencer Fort—the musical heart and soul behind Mothé—layers quiet energy over a chill groove. Their bright, gentle voice floats like the sun setting on the ocean.

But the "quiet energy" of the opening sections doesn't stay quiet. Near the 3-minute mark, Mothé throws a ritardando into the mix. Each stretched beat gives us a second longer to live in this summer. Even their soaring voice over the chorus, warning "summe'rs almost gone," lingers an extra breath longer with borrowed time.

As the guitars grow, the anthemic quality of a dying summer blooms. The rolling melodies and atmospheric instrumentation ring out its conclusion. Like a heatwave breaking, the release of the final note bleeds right back into the opening bars, gently ramping back up like a never-ending summer night.

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Close out the summer with a blend of chill indie notes and fiery stadium-rocking power.

Stream "Summers Almost Gone" and the rest of the EP below.

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