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"Don't U Need Somebody" just landed last 18th of September. The debut release from a new band called Moozy, the song is basking in overly charming modernity that is sure to captivate even the oldest of old souls.

Musicians Dylan Rockwell and Pat Gunning make up Moozy. The indie rockers, who are based in Washington, DC, in a Facebook post revealed that they have been working on the track and a few others since mid-April, when they "realized [they] were gonna have a fair amount of time to kill."

Credits for the song also go to Nick Fliakas and Donovan Duvall, who provided bass and keys/synths, respectively. "These guys brought great taste and put their mark on this tune in a way that totally vitalized the song and we can't credit them enough," wrote the pair.

The debut effort sees Moozy in a spaciously pulsating R&B spell, capturing a soulful, dreamy pop texture that is nothing short of contagious. Tightly compressed drums juxtaposed with wah-laden guitars make for a very fluid musical milieu for their falsetto inlays.

Improbable chord progressions dredged all over give off a rather more holding vibeโ€”most especially the chorus. Ending with a tastefully played blues-tinged solo, "Don't U Need Somebody" fades out with listeners digging it to the last minute.

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Watch the official music video below and be sure to follow the duo.

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