The latest album from art rockers Moonchy & Tobias is a disorienting trip that explores new sounds for indie. Made up of Italian vocalist Pat Moonchy and American instrumentalist Todd Tobias, this international duo makes atmospheric indie tracks that explore the darkest shadows of dream pop.

Their third full-length, simply named Moonchy & Tobias III, builds upon the duo’s signature experimental and nocturnal sound. While their earlier two albums dabbled in psychedelic rock and subtle ambience, their latest material has adopted a darker persona.

Best new tracks

Levy - Melody Levy – “Melody” March 23, 2021 by Ben McCoy
The Sewing Club – “Trying” April 2, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Indoor Creature - Get Away Indoor Creature – “Get Away” April 14, 2021 by Ben McCoy

Standout track “Petali Caduti” is a stripped-back, minimalist approach at creating a haunting sonic atmosphere. The track chugs along at a lulling pace, driven by a relaxed, yet consistent backing beat: the timid rattling of a tambourine and a hypnotic repeating bass phrase.

Moonchy’s beautifully eerie vocals take center stage, sung so hushed they’re nearly whispers. The unmoving central melody creates a feeling of majestic unease before the song gently tapers off.

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“Petali Caduti” is a condensed moment of curious beauty, and a perfect symbol for the latest stage in Moonchy & Tobias’s diverse sound.

Stream the whole LP below.


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