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MINK - Into the Night

For those who've ever moved, thinking back on our hometowns, there is a longing to return to some portion of it. So, when the four members of MINK packed up and traveled to vocalist Felix Kuhnt's hometown, "Into the Night" emerged as the second single on their new EP, Youth.

From the opening melodies, brightly bouncing into the empty air, a nostalgic happiness quality erupts. But when the vocals enter, moodily stating, "Take me back to the start. It's a game that I play with your heart," the tone darkens and becomes almost somber.

The somber tone is helped by the quiet echo captured from the band recording vocals on a quiet night by a lake. From production to execution, the theme builds into every facet of "Into the Night".

As the song progresses, the location shifts. Departing home, we venture with MINK into modern-day Berlin. And between each episode progressing us to today, the guitars return with a warm, hopeful opening reprise. It's like we can't let go of that wanting.

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Stream "Into the Night" below.

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