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Breakups can get "messy"β€”for lack of a better word. Both parties can feel pain, hopelessness, anger even, but at the end of the day there's only one thing in your mind: sadness. There were some happy moments, sure, but in terms of compatibility, well, that's where it ends. You're just not right for each other, and that's that. Best to move on and get out of each other's hair. Right?

Well, Mikey Barla V's latest single, "Your Life", shows the other side of breakups. The good side. You accept that it just isn't meant to be, and decide to end it mutually. No gaslighting, no fights, just a civil, mature agreement. Because of that, both of you might be inclined to think that it's fine if you stay as friends. After all, you were the closest to one another for quite a while.

Through the calming instrumentals and the artist's soothing voice, the song tells this exact story. Moving apart, but somehow still being close to them. Sometimes, even wondering if something did in fact change, or if the only thing that did was a label.

You want to be a part of their life. You want to talk to them nightly, reminiscing of the good old days while looking at the present. They're changing, but they're still the same person for you.

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"Your Life" is full of imagery and raw emotions of love and of missing someone. It's the feeling of wanting them to be happier, but wanting to be the one next to them when they are. It's fighting the changes, for love.

Stream the song below.

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