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Mike Wyatt - I Can't Be Without You

When the world beats you down, it's easy to feel like you're on your own. But if you can find that one person who believes in you, everything can change. Mike Wyatt captures the agony-turned-comfort of that realization in his latest single, "I Can't Be Without You".

The uplifting track starts squarely in melancholy. "I can see my eyes distort the world we're living in right now," he confesses. The emotional guitar chords bouncing up and down move the harmony forward without letting the audience settle. Off-kilter, the lyrical darkness bats the melody around as it seeks a supportive center. "I wonder if there's any point in getting gup and out of bed."

But suddenly, the chorus enters. The bright shift grounds the vocals and the melody. The bouncing stabilizes, and hopeful chord after hopeful chord rings out. "I don't care about tomorrow. I just know I can't be without you," Wyatt realizes.

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As the second verse starts and the drums enter, Wyatt triumphantly marches toward the conclusion, resolving into a motivational, heartfelt close.

Stream "I Can't Be Without You" below.

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