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There are many unexpected things that can suddenly happen in our lifetime, unforeseen circumstances leading to unfortunate events may be what cause our downfall. Since they can come hitting like an unseen truck, we can't do anything but accept them and just move forward with what we have left. Well, if you ever felt like you've hit rock bottom, remember that at least now the only way left is up.

Canadian singer-songwriter Mike Edel shows us his journey on how his life changed in a single instance through his recently released single "domino". The experiences shared in the song might just be what you need to gain a bit of courage to act upon your troubles and serve as the push that you needed to move forward.

Edel's distinct voice combined with the soft sound of the guitar along with the piano creates a mellow vibe that just can't help but calm you down. You can feel his passion and emotions in his singing as he recounts the events that happened which you can't help but sympathize with.

Humans are meant to face the various obstacles that life offers, just know that what doesn't bring you down only makes you stronger as long as you have the willpower. This song might be what inspires you to pick yourself up after falling down like a domino.

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Stream "domino" below.

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