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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Michael Taylor - Round In The Chamber

Paralyzed by a flirtatious stare, Michael Taylor took that moment's magnetism and set it to song in his latest single, "Round in the Chamber". "She's got a round in the chamber and she's ready to blow my mind."

Visceral lyrics delivered with Taylor's smokey vocals. With roots in the South and Midwest, there's an honesty and grit burning beneath every powerful word like a humble Clark Kent with a touch of rebellion.

While the passionate, vocal-centric hooks catch ears, the wailing guitar solos explode with energy. Shifting between nods to Americana and folk traditions and unchained rock riffs, the smooth transition from heart-on-the-sleeve verses to growling choruses keeps every beat engaging.

Whatever beauty with the "twelve-gauge gaze" that captured Michael Taylor still has him "burning like a naked flame." The raw yet somehow smooth blend the best of rock's unfiltered sentiment with pop's unapologetic catchiness. Let Michael Taylor blow your mind and make you cry, "Lord, have mercy on my soul," right along with him.

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Stream "Round in the Chamber" below.

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