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Sometimes, amidst the franticness, we tend to forget that we should take the time to stop for just a moment, take everything in, and appreciate the gift of life. The damaged, yet unshaken beauty of it all.

"Walk the Streets on Sunrise" is Michael Dunstan's latest single, which narrates the thoughts of a man who has not much time left in this world. This premise was conjured up in the artist's mind after accidentally finding himself enjoying the various quiet sunrises he basks himself in with each new day.

The song's advantage is its simplicity. It doesn't go too crazy with its instrumental, opting for a more genuine, acoustic soundscape, emulating the stillness of dawn. It's the kind of sound you'd imagine yourself listening to while looking at an empty road at sunrise. And while percussions are indeed present and loud enough to be prominently heard, it's at just the right level for it not to be overbearing.

Dunstan's lyrics tell the track's narrative perfectly, as if the words truly came from someone whose days are numbered. "And that's why I walk the streets on sunrise," sings the artist throughout the song, being able to see the world as it is during its "paused" state, and appreciate its beauty.

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The song ends with its chorus' last line: "when you walk the streets on sunrise," inspiring the listener to break out of their mold and do the same as the narrator; let the light shine through to them.

Stream the song below.

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