MEMES - Second Thought

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In the back of your head, there’s almost always a little voice second guessing what you’re doing. MEMES know this feeling quite well. From having second thoughts about marriage and careers to shopping and favorite Arthurian knights, they wander through a list of hesitancies in “Second Thought”.

The frenetic energy explodes out of the first bars. John McLinden’s virtually spoken delivery punches through with unbridled energy. The thrumming harmony from Paul McLinden sets every line up for a unique punch.

“I once was grateful for what I’ve got, but now I’ve had a second thought,” they exclaim. Whether abstract or concrete, every second thought they have spurs on this two-and-a-half-minute song.

By the time the bridge comes, relief is expected. But just like they’re having more second thoughts, it’s denied. The harmony starts and stops, the rhythms skitter around, changing from one idea to the next. And when they finally align on a single thought, they bounce back into a quasi-verse that leads to the outro.

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It’s a wild, fun ride from start to finish. You won’t have second thoughts about listening to this track.

Watch “Second Thought” below.


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