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As a Colombian composer, performer, and DJ, Mateus (often stylized as MATEUS) merges composition with performance to weave Shakespearean narratives. He grounds his aesthetic in an intimate timbre and a sense of yearning. A clear pop-rock bounce drives each narrative forward with indie pop-influenced lyrics.

With the tale of two lovers who've never met, Mateus brings the theatrical tale to life with optimistic keys and hopeful, legato vocals. Opening with a crunchy chord that could live in either the classical or club worlds, a hopeful chord progression jolts up before octaves take us home.

"Every turn a chance to get lost," the lovers sing, as the inevitability of their meeting grows clearer. Staggered melodic movements in their first duet mirror that separation, but the second duet unifies their voices proving a love written in the stars.

Bright keys and tinkling bells build an ethereal sonic bed for interlacing vocal lines that tighten as the conclusion draws nearer.

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As the song repeats the concluding phrase "This is how we do it together," the final upbeat notes coalesce into a warm ending. Their grandiose story encompassed in simplicity—a final resolution to that trek across the sky.

Stream "Intergalactic Love" below.

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