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Mateo Lynch - You Light Me Up

Driving across the country, Mateo Lynch crossed back into California after months living nomadically out of a van with a lover. The well-worn realization of losing yourself to find yourself hit him. "You Light Me Up" was born.

A cross between high art and a landfill, Mateo Lynch's music video elevates the dirty and desperate elements of a complex life to art with fantastic and sparkling outfits. There's beauty and truth in the grungiest places.

As the soft acoustic guitar opening reveals a tender self-admission, hope and love pop into each chord. As the admission becomes a revelation, the instrumentation builds. The love and rocking energy pour from his guitar and his lyrics. "There's the sunsets, there's the palm trees, there's Maria, and then there's you. You light me up."

With his voice doubled, Mateo Lynch revels in the duality of life's ups and downs. As the first single from his comeback EP Late Bloomers, this garbage chic music video and catchy melody are the perfect combo to capture the life-changing ride of this queer singer-songwriter.

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Watch "You Light Me Up" below.

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