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Marmalade Mountain - Broken Mountain

Marmalade Mountain originally wrote "Broken World" over a decade ago about the Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations. Since then, the world has and hasn't changedβ€”there's still so much that's broken. That's why Marmalade Mountain is releasing a reworked version for modern times.

Retaining the upbeat, almost childlike hope for a better world, the new version layers the original tracks with new vocals and instrumentation. The funky bassline, snaps and claps, and slight swing still punch the pop hook chorus into bright possibility. Even the spoken portion in the middle gently weaves into the laid-back, optimistic vibe.

The bold rotoscoped watercolors and building block world of the music video also mix today's reality with hope. The watercolor objects are all broken: cracked records, broken glasses, wrecked cars, and more. As Zack Fischmann sings, the implication is that he too might be broken.

As even the "sturdy" building blocks crumble, the destruction doesn't feel final. It's hopeful of a better tomorrow. "I don't want to walk away," they sing. "Just cause I'm living in a broken world doesn't mean that I can't stay."

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Watch "Broken World" below.

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