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From the cover art itself, you know that you've signed up for a trip. Listening to this effort by MARIS means a whole new experience. "Rewind" is a song that speaks of the ever-fleeting depths of time. Words drift through in a profound enigma, as every sequence that leads to the song's buildup gives a different kind of thrill.

The composition is overflowing with different experimental textures; polyphonic sounds from dry drums, powerful horns, and a hypnotic piano. It is the heavily sequenced, yet fluid instrumentals that unifies its structure.

Not to mention the peak of the horn break leading the dynamic outro. Topped off with the raspy vocals of Taylor Gilbertie, this will definitely be added to the list of tripping indie pop songsβ€”quite akin to Radiohead, which is one of his main musical influences.

As simple as the title may seem, the lyrics couldn't be more poetic. A narrative that is filled with metaphors, and even some imagery painted with angst and regrets of the past. This message reverberates over the chorus "Oh just push rewind, help me forget/ Gone are the days when I was less afraid." Both foreshadowing the hazy trail of existence.

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The epitome of inventiveness reflects throughout the whole ballad, making it a perfect title track to his debut EP.

Stream "Rewind" and the rest of the EP below.

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