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We all have aspirations while growing up. Some want to be doctors, some engineers, some lawyers, and some just want to share their soul with the whole world through music. Yeah, there's gonna be a lot of difficulties along the way, but you'll get there eventually as long as you pour your heart into it. You'll get beat down, you'll think you won't be able to get back up. And yet, you press on.

Atlanta-based band Mamalarky's latest single, "You Know I Know", is about growing up and wanting to go out on the road, making music and playing it for others. Written by the band's lead singer and guitarist Livvy Bennett, the track gives off an early 2000s vibe that, ironically, wasn't at all intended.

"'You Know I Know' was never supposed to come out," Bennett explains, maintaining that the song itself actually took shape by chance, and wouldn't have been released had her bandmates not convinced her she'd written an absolute banger.

Aside from the amazing instrumental and stylistic vocals from Bennett, the song sports a claymation-esque music video, taking you along on the road with the band's tour van. It may not be the most cutting-edge vehicle, but it's theirs, and many memories have been made because of it.

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And that's really what this song is about: it isn't just about fulfilling your dreams, but forging a great journey out of it, one that you'll be proud of.

Watch the music video for "You Know I Know" below.

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