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M. BYRD - Morning Sun

As the acoustic guitar strums the opening bars, it's easy to imagine the red glow promising a rising sun. M. Byrd's latest single, "Morning Sun", carries this atmospheric feeling through to the final cadence.

"Show me how to clear the haze that keeps my eyes from seeing," the vocals gently intone, like a mantra opening a ritual. With growing instrumentation and polyrhythmic riffs poking through like morning rays, the tone grows clearer.

Rose Marie Lindstrøm's fluid motions illustrate that growing clarity in the music video directed by Marcel Izequierdo Torres. Gently cutting between floating, fluid gestures, and rhythmic movements, Lindstrøm's choreography layers a warm, mystical element over an already spiritual ambiance.

At 3:02, the ocean diacritically enters the frame. As the waves crash over the guitar's melody and the fading drums, there's a sense of melancholy and hope. Blue bleeds into the sky and the bass drops out. Tomorrow is dawning, but we're leaving the security of sleep.

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"It's so easy to find you," the chorus tells us. The sun always rises. And this morning meditation must end until it starts again.

Watch "Morning Sun" below.

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