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Minnesota four-piece Luutsön released their debut single Friday last week. Giving off what feels like a sentimental yet electrifying surge of melodic strains, the track, titled "Nössemark", is a straight-up shoegaze fancy.

For Seth Bostrom, the band's lead singer, the track "really begins to scratch the surface for what is to come of [the] band." With influences drawn from its small rural town namesake, "Nössemark" is admittedly a product Bostrom's musings on his Swedish heritage.

Alongside Bostrom are guitarist Jake Larson, bassist Joe Harrier, and drummer Tim King. Together they meld various rock subs that date back to as far as the '80s with more modern synth-pop and punk sensibilities.

The riveting number bears witness to the band's palpable fetish for post-punk-induced dream pop tonalities. It is engulfed in synth pads and reverb-imbued elements that make for an expansive atmosphere. An ambient, driving song, "Nössemark" is unmistakably the best way for Luutsön to introduce themselves to the indie music territory.

Fast-paced drums and an untiring bassline create a glassy sonic floor for the lead vocals to roam and fill at leisure. It's musically immersive. The vibe towards the end just gets more and more infectious as the feeling of nostalgia overwhelms the song's very core and translates it into one introspective, rather effusive blow.

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Watch the official lyric video for "Nössemark" below.

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