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Lushworld - Sold Your Soul

What are you willing to pay for power and fame? Lushworld dives into the not-so-great idea of trading in your basic values with their latest single, "Sold Your Soul".

The track, the second release for a future EP, weaves five decades of Swedish electronica music into a slow dance. Multiple instrumental melodies play out beneath the distorted vocals, each vying for your attention.

Amid the distorted musical lines, they admonish us. "You sold your soul for your benefits." Even the percussion has a sharp edge, like the choices that led us to this accusation are wounding.

Even the music video, a glittering spectacle of dance, has a hidden jagged edge. Beneath the posterized women on a digital stage, their timings are warped. It's like they're skipping between frames, morphing from one state to the next without truly ever getting there. They've sold out their art for the final result alone, which doesn't even show them in their entity.

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Even the framing often cuts off their heads, leaving just their torsos centered. We're not asked to value them; we're asked to value the dance. But even that commodification is trivialized as the over-exposure erases parts. They got their power and fame, but at what cost?

Watch "Sold Your Soul" below.

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