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Ah, summer. The only time of the year where the immense heat is justified and turning on the AC at home for the whole day is completely fine. But most of all, it's the time for non-stop partying and jamming out to some good, aesthetically pleasing music.

Mike Salerno, known for his one-man indie project Lunchbox Riot, knows this pretty darn well, and it shows in his latest single titled "Future Sinkhole". It's an upbeat rock treat to listen to, and fits perfectly with the summer season, especially after everyone went through those horrendous two years of the pandemic. That was a time of fear, panic, and worry. But now, is the time for something different.

Being part of Lunchbox Riot's third self-produced album, named Nirrvaña, "Future Sinkhole" throws all the worries out the window and wants its listeners to let loose. The instrumental is reminiscent of rock bands that we loved listening to growing up, specifically in our kind-of edgy party teen phase, and the vocals reflect the same nostalgia with its distinct but familiar fuzziness.

So what are you waiting for? Open your favorite music streaming app right now, look this song up, and add it to your summer party playlist. Trust us, you won't regret it, because after you're done listening to this, we guarantee that it'll be stuck in your head for a good while.

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Stream "Future Sinkhole" below.

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