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Why do we chase and crave approval from people who view us as expendable? There's a near-universal paranoia of inadequacy when it comes to relationship power dynamics. Lucid Hoops tackle that fear of being chewed up and spit out in their latest single, "I Feel Used".

The dark and addictive track opens with the titular spoken line, "I feel used." With that one exception, the lead singer, Ash, always sings it twice in a row. It's like they fear even we're ignoring them. It's a creative nod to all relationships, including artist and consumer—as a listener, I hold the power of play and pause.

As Lucid Hoops come to terms with their more general desires of being wanted, the listener is quickly pulled into the heart of the piece. The lyrics use almost zero complete sentences. The fragments fit together in a raw and honest stream of consciousness that sparkles over the simple vocal melody.

With drums that increasingly pierce through the gritty guitar lines, the song moves toward the close where Ash's attention-getting vocal timbre lets loose. The final tremolo into her resolving chord is the perfect gut-punch of an ending, leaving every ounce of pain in her final note.

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Stream "I Feel Used" below.

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