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Loud Forest - I Don't Want To Go Home

Homelife isn't great for everyone. It's a dark reality some kids face. Escaping their house for even a few minutes each day can feel like a ray of sunshine sparkling down. Loud Forest have created an anthem for those who don't feel like they have a place to belong with their latest single, "I Don't Want To Go Home".

As the first single from their upcoming fourth album, Family Tree, the married duo of Bernard and Rachel Chadwick bring a unique blend of simmering anger and cheerful excitement to the track. The verses capture the pain and frustration of feeling trapped in a situation while the chorus revels in those moments of freedom with friends.

"I don't want to go home. I just want to stay out all night," they joyfully proclaim in the chorus over bright synths and an energetic beat. But the verse comes, and the resentment boils to the surface with lines like, "I can't be everything you wanted me to be."

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The bridge straddles that line, singing the happy lyrics with a darker timbre. But as Rachel keeps a lighter tone with the melody, Bernard sings a pedal point, pinning the harmony to a single note. The tension between identifying your happiness and your hurt sits perfectly in that moment.

Stream "I Don't Want To Go Home" below.

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