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Ah, the stories of old from Greek mythology. Full of fantastical elements, from gods who breed with just about anything, to a hero being guided through a labyrinth with a single golden thread. And when we look at it like that, we can tell that they're pretty hard to relate to. But what we don't realize, is that some of these stories can be a parallel to real life. Especially the one about the boy who flew too close to the sun.

Lone Wild frontman Ashkan Karimi relates to this story with the band's brand new single, "Icarus". Digging deep into his memories of adolescence, Karimi juxtaposes his own life and ordeals with that of the boy from the Greek mythos. Although, of course, the singer doesn't actually have his wings break because of the sun's heat.

No, it's about one's desperate need to have everything in order, no matter what. Pleasing everyone around him, even if it slowly destroys him. And that's exactly what the song feels like. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, yet the delivery using the angst of rock turns it into a more thrilling tale for the band's audience.

If you're needing something to play in your car and scream to as you drive down the highway at night, then this is it. The amplification of both the vocals and the instrumental will surely get you to soar higher than before. Be careful though, because going that high, sometimes leads to you falling down even further.

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Stream "Icarus" by Lone Wild below. Listen to the whole EP here.

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