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London Plane - The Darker You

Fresh from their sophomore album, Bright Black, London Plane's ironically named "The Darker You" showcases their lighter tonality. The album, greatly informed by personal tragedies and tumultuous political situations, offers some hope in the vocals but hiss and rumble in the instrumentation. "The Darker You" fits perfectly into this musical space as it snarls with sweetness.

As the opening lists "things that end the world," it's bounced along by growling guitar chords and driving percussion. As the vocal line ascends, there's almost a nod to the Christmas song, "My Favorite Things". David Mosey and Jessica Cole spell out this list with cheer as the minor chords from swell from Kristofer Widhom's guitar and Grant Parker's bass.

As Bryan Garbe's percussion drops out for just a moment, we're left abandoned for just a moment, feeling the existential dread established by the rest of the band. Then the lyrics ask, "are you scared of the dark?" The sardonic drums kick back up, mocking that momentary panic they themselves induced in us.

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From start to finish, the contradictions are endless and infinitely fun to listen to. They capture our electrifying reality's fearful wishes in every note.

Stream "The Darker You" below.

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