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Everything comes to an end, even the good stuff. The universe just has its natural course, and love is right there in the middle of it. We just have to accept that those great times are over and that it's time to make space for new ones.

Lilac Thief's debut single, "take care." is a song about a relationship that has ended, not because there was anything wrong, but because it just had to. A couple may be together, but let's not forget that two separate people make it up. Two people that have their own lives, their own paths that they have to follow, even if it means having to leave the other.

The track's story opens at the airport, where our narrator says goodbye to their significant other as they are lined up at the departure area, set to leave. Although the one they love is going to the places they have dreamt of, the one telling the story is left, seemingly in an unfamiliar area now that they aren't complete anymore.

Soft guitar riffs and calming beats dominate the song's instrumentals, giving it the bittersweet vibe that it's going for. If this wasn't painful enough, the lyrics are even more heartfelt and emotional. "Wherever I am, you're welcome," Adelaide singer Joshua Julian sings during the song's final moments, saying that their significant other is always welcome in their arms, no matter what.

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But the track's final lyrics are the most painful, showing that we can never really move on from that person, despite us needing to. At the song's end, the artist sings for one last time: "wherever you are, I'm home."

Watch "take care." by Lilac Thief below.

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