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Life Stuff - Finger Gun

It's easy to imagine ourselves as the star in our own personal movie. Hollywood's all but dictated our expectations for life and love. If you can't have or be ScarJo, are you just a supporting character in someone else's movie? Life Stuff analyzes this infection but reminds us that we're on our own journeys, regardless of what the silver screen says, in their latest single, "Finger Gun".

"Life's like a movie," they open, "but it's written like shit like no one cared for the script, and anyone can be the star." The nonchalant delivery of this depressing reality might catch you off-guard, especially with the upbeat bounce of the harmony. But it's that juxtaposition they want.

"Take out your fingers; make two L's. Frame out the scene just for a change," they sing in the chorus. Deep down, despite the façade the big screen promises, we know we need to reframe what's in our view. We know it's fake. The very next line in the chorus says, "Just for a laugh. Haha." And that "haha" is almost painfully staged. We can see the illusion.

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But we're inside the illusion. The last few notes of "Finger Gun" mirror the opening, making everything a perfect metaphoric loop and literal one.  

Stream "Finger Gun" below.

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