Libra - Summer Night

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After staying cooped up last summer, the warm weather feels even more welcome this year. Libra embraced this sentiment in their latest single, “Summer Night”, featuring Marnie Price.

As Zeh Monstro’s intimate bass and Marnie Price’s teasing alto blend in the opening line, “Looking far away gazing at those lonely stars,” their longing for new beginnings kicks the song into high gear. As the disparate musical elements stack on top of each other, they each feel independent and yet in perfect harmony to bring out the summery vibe.

“You bopped in my mind,” they sing, separated by a single octave. They build the energy into sultry instrumental moments and beautiful vocal chemistry illustrating the desire and release. The start and stop of the instruments, overlapping and complementing each other, parallel the hesitant and hopeful start to something only summer’s folly can bring.

“It feels like a summer night,” they reflect—and so does this song. Complete with water splashes and warm tones, it’s less soundscape and more sound escape.

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So, soak in the night’s warmth, a drink in hand, and enjoy their soothing groove.

Stream “Summer Night” below.


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