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Lewca and Sean Buckley - I'm Alright

Sometimes a simple question can slip past our façade and make even the most stalwart person reveal something about themselves. "I'm Alright", the collaboration between Lewca and Sean Buckley (aka Mintball), builds that scenario right into the opening lines.

What starts as a simple "how're you doing" devolves into a tale of substance abuse, denial, and painful honesty, all underscored by a grungy vulnerability and funky bassline.

"Between the stench of beer and the scent of tobacco," he may say he's alright, but it's clear he's not. The dirty timbre of the guitars and driving drums emphasize the raggedness built into each line. Brilliant moments of repeated, overdriven notes that shift into a static-y tone sound like a deteriorating mental refrain, reflecting on the backing vocals shouting "I'm alright."

Lewca layers his multicultural roots of both his French and English experience with an alt-rock style anywhere in the world would recognize. Just like the Gorillaz and M.I.A., there's a sense of middle-class honesty shouted at you embedding in high-energy music.

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That mix of sincerity with wit and rock is clearest in the sudden, overdriven ending chord that acts as the final word in this jeremiad of a broken life.

Stream "I'm Alright" below.

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