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Levy - Melody

Warm, lush tones wrap around you as Levy pulls on your heartstrings in her second single, "Melody". With a sultry, breathy high alto and spicy vocal harmonies, she directs her message to both her lover and herself.

"You're in my head and on my tongue." A sly smile hides just beneath each word. As she sings she "felt safe in the lion's den," the happy dangers of falling too deeply resonate with the bright, spacy guitar.

The dreamy sound created by the guitars and sparkling accents from the hi-hats and cymbals rests on a surprisingly excited bassline. Almost like a countermelody, the bass breaks from the traditional "stable rock" of most pieces, instead carrying a voice of anxious energy.

The combination of orchestral choices perfectly captures the fear and wonder of new love. "I've been taken by a love that's in the makin'."

Starting at 3:34, the instrumentation starts to drop away, leaving the vocal harmony naked and exposed. And with an even more intimate cadence, the song concludes with a seductive musical embrace.

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Stream "Melody" below. It is the second single from Levy's yet unnamed debut EP.

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