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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Most of us love traveling. Even if you just stay at your desk for the whole day, you can't deny that you yearn to walk out that door and see the world. It doesn't have to be the entire Earth, it could just be your own small little world, right where you live. Nothing beats cruising down the street with the windows down, blasting music until the sun sets.

Leon in the Wild's latest single, "Powerlines", can be described with just one word: adventure. It's a song full of travel motifs that tells you to just go. Energetic while at the same time calming, the track is a treat to hear and is certainly on the "always on repeat" list.

Keeping up with its theme, the pacing of the song is truly one of its strong suits. Starting off mellowly from the first verse and picking up during the chorus, it really gives off this vibey feel. Although each verse tones down a bit, not a single one is truly the same, with later "slow" parts still possessing an active tempo.

This is all helped along by Leon's vocals, which in the song hint at '90s rock bands while possessing a modern charm to it. Imagery is the main storytelling tool of "Powerlines", planting a seed in your brain that you should get your butt up from your chair and set out on a journey.

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If that feeling is a bit too true after listening to the song, don't worry because you aren't alone there. So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to "avoid the power lines" and just go!

Stream "Powerlines" below.

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