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Laurel Canyon - Two Times Emptiness

Laurel Canyon burst onto the musical stage with their debut single, "Two Times Emptiness". Gritty distorted guitars and plenty of aggressive piano chords build into the swagger of their opening I-V vamp. That vamp carries right under lyrics, providing a bedrock for their interspersed narration and compelling lyrics.

The chorus proudly claims, "we'd clean up nice if we had the time." With a gentle piano opening the line with false purity, the distorted guitar quickly erases that sentiment. The chorus' fake apology fits perfectly into these characters describing the femme fatale that crushed their hearts.

"Her lips glow in the dark" and she wears "leopard print," they say as the backing vocals ask them to tell them more.

But, the heartache comes in the narration. "When's the last time you saw her?" one asks in a spoken word portion of the song. "I saw her in the street with some dude from Kansas City," the other admits. Even in their defeat, there's a devil-may-care attitude simmering under it all.

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In two and a half minutes, they channel the rock greats like The Ramones, The Beatles, and The Strokes. They could be clad in leather jackets chain-smoking in the back alley or on stage playing to thousands. Both would fit "Two Times Emptiness" perfectly.

Stream "Two Times Emptiness" below.

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