Lashing (sometimes stylized in all caps) is the lo-fi bedroom project of Austin Walley, a one-man musician/producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

His debut full-length, titled Moon Signs, proves to be a unique, idiosyncratic take on current indie tropes. The album was released just last week and features a plethora of extraordinary melodies and spunky indie jams.

Standout track “New Look / Same Book” is no exception. What appears to be a standard indie pop tune on the surface is elevated by Walley’s immaculate knack for writing hooks and crafting wet, almost viscous, soundscapes.

A bright, endearing repeating guitar hook flows throughout the track like a warm wave of saltwater while Walley’s deep, almost whispery voice adds a consistent driving force to the tune.

The song’s fast-paced tempo certainly makes it easy to dance to—either in a party setting or at home where no one’s watching—and its catchy hooks and earworm instrumentation will urge you to hit the “on repeat” button.

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On “New Look / Same Book”, Lashing is sure to make a shining first impression on indie listeners everywhere.

Stream the track below.

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