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It's difficult when you feel as if the weight of your world is on your shoulders. As if you're being pushed back by endless chaos with no way out. This tiredness ultimately ruins your attempt at forging new connections. At trying to find something special.

Released under his recording project Lampland, New York-based singer-songwriter Tommy Bazarian tells the story of a man pouring his heart and feelings to a co-worker with "Nervous Wreck Today", the closer to his second full-length, Dry Heat.

Full of mellow, folksy guitar instrumentals and soft emotional vocals, the song is an ode to those who want to cry for help, but can't; for those who already did, but in the end failed. An ode to those whose anxieties are just too much for them to handle alone anymore.

Throughout the course of the song, our protagonist talks to his co-worker Denise, saying that he has no way out of the anxiety that he's feeling from everything that's going on. But at the end of the day, he goes home and just watches television to escape from it, all alone. Accompanied by the abstract but symbolic music video, this story hits home hard.

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It may not be the most encouraging, light-hearted song that tells you about the importance of self-care and mental health, but what it can do is something more than that. It tells you that knowing what's important is surely enough, but actually having the courage to do it goes a long way.

Watch the music video for "Nervous Wreck Today" below.

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