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West Coast indie rockers Kuwalla only have a handful of singles under their belt, but each one offers an eyebrow-raising glimpse into the group's unique take on the indie genre. Their sound, sharpened from a couple years of writing and performing music in the Los Angeles alternative scene, is especially charming and energetic on their latest single, "Sea Creature".

Released the 28th of August, "Sea Creature" combines the color of a pop-infused indie bob with a subject matter that's charmingly relatable. Lyrical themes of oceans and beaches are presented as a metaphor for self-doubt and isolation. The content might sound gloomy at a surface level, but it's made almost joyous in combination with Kuwalla's explosive instrumentation.

Punchy guitars and a bright synth lead evoke a sun-drenched beach vibe until the chorus introduces a sharp change in tone. Lighter drums and soft backing vocals give off a sensation similar to diving underwater. "Seven thousand leagues under the sea," frontman Kyle Sain sings. "What would anyone do with a creature like me?"

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With a killer guitar solo in the song's second half and a wonderful buildup to a climactic ending, "Sea Creature" succeeds at showcasing Kuwalla's talent as songwriters and musicians.

Watch the official music video for "Sea Creature" below.

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