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Defining who we are as a person is hard to summarize. What makes us happy, our character flaws, and every nuance in between flushes out the picture. KOF captures their passions and pitfalls, rapped into a state of chill in “Grace”.

Starting at the end, they state the question, “Is this what you made me for?” four times. The soulful sax speaks just as much as KOF’s smooth lyrical flow. That question encases KOF and beautifully kicks off their first single in a long line of singles this year, setting the stage for more delicious lines and tones to come.

Every moment of “Grace” is pure honesty. Even when KOF’s voice goes silent, emotions are bared through the saxophone. The ups and downs, the uncertainty, and the euphoric hope all whirl together.

Just as “Grace” ends in a question, KOF starts it with one too. “Is this freedom or hell?” The jazzy beat carries the monologue along, Socratically answering it with more questions. It’s a euphoric exploration for both the musician and for us listeners.

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Stream “Grace” below.


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