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Life can suck. The problems we face, from asthma to addiction, weigh on us and the people we know. King Ropes take the hardships life throws at us and turn them into a cathartic diatribe in their latest single, "Breathing".

The stripped-back harmony opens up a space for Dave Hollier's disarmingly plainspoken story. You can hear the pain in every syllable as he sings about everything from "having trouble breathing in and out" to how "the faucet is dripping again."

Meanwhile, a strong, percussive rhythm pulls you along, both into and through these hardships. Because like a friend, the instruments feel like they're trying to snap you out of the moody vocal's spiral. The guitar plays major chord after major chord and often ends with an upward jump. It's like it's trying to comfort you as you seek solace.

The warring emotions collide in the bridge as the lyrics become a litany of complaints and the once reserved harmony grows louder with a guitar countermelody. It's like it's trying to snap the singer out of their funk.

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As the instrumental commiseration reaches a crescendo, so does the track. They end together in empathy, even if it isn't a resolution.

Stream "Breathing" below.

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