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Kevin Lawson started performing in the fifth grade. With an ASCAP award and a storied résumé, his caliber has only kept improving. "Wanna Be", the ninth track on his new album Now Is Perfect, is a bright light after a dark year and perfectly encapsulates someone's faith in another.

For 13 seconds, uplifting, atmospheric synths fill a silent void. A warmth fills the sonic space waiting for the bright, heartfelt strumming. It's a quiet opening for this simple, yet complex song of encouragement.

"There's no way you can stay on the ground when you're meant to fly," Kevin declares. The simple lyrics lend authenticity to what could otherwise be a saccharine sentiment. "Be what you wanna be," he commands, and you can feel his love and commitment filter through.

The sound is as sunny as his Florida studio. Even the short guitar solo sparkles as Kevin bends the notes up, literally lifting the melody to the next note. Every piece strings another heartwarming element into the mix, all calling out, "I believe in you."

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Stream "Wanna Be" below.

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