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Thursday, July 18, 2024

In this day and age, society sets the standard for what people should be. What kind of things to do, what kind of things not to; it's all just a construct to keep people in check. It doesn't actually tell you what it means to be "good," it tells you what it means to be accepted.

Kelli Wright, known by her moniker Kelaska, addresses this issue with her latest single titled "Tightrope". Mainly having heavy pop influences with a sprinkle of rock undertones, the song is an empowering message to all the people out there who feel that they aren't good enough.

The artist does this by writing the song through her lens, her own experiences with how society treats those who are considered a "bit different" than most. It opens with anecdotes about Wright trying to shave her head, which is commonly associated as a coping mechanism for trauma, but then realizes that it just isn't worth it.

She recalls parts of her life where she's subjected to societal norms and how she slowly overcomes them as the song progresses. Wright accepts that she just isn't what "they" want her to be, and chooses her own happiness instead of trying to simply fit in.

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With this track, Kelaska wants to tell others that they're already perfect, just the way they are. That living isn't about pleasing others; it's about being comfortable in your own skin.

Stream "Tightrope" below.

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