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Keaper - Come & Go

For many, it's been a dark year. That universal pain makes it easy to relate to the nihilistic state Keaper probe in "Come & Go", the second track on their debut EP Duality. But hidden in their atmospheric and pensive tone, a glimmer of hope shines.

As the soft guitar strum echoes into a dark ambiance, the opening anthemic guitar provides the first guiding light. Even though the sonic space is reverberating in an empty chamber, there's forward motion pulling us through.

By the time Ameya vocalizes the first line's ending, "too much on your mind," the heavy weight of despair feels lightened. Her voice is like a gentle caress of hope among the swell of sound from bandmates Austin and Sam. 

When the final command to "open your eyes" comes, it's repeated and layered over itself to create a supernatural effect. The final push sets up the one-minute bass-led outro by Julia. The dreamlike conclusion seems to imply it's up to you now.

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Once our eyes are open, we can find meaning in even the darkest period.

Stream "Come & Go" and the rest of Duality below. 

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