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Some songs love to play with your mind. Kabinett don't just play but twists and bends it with their second single, "Blueberry Lips". This vibey, upbeat track starts off like a crazy love story but quickly takes a true crime twist.

The gripping growl in the lead singer's voice is both seducing and a telling edge for the psycho shift. At points, there's even a creepy whisper echoing the vocals. But that doesn't stop Kabinett from making this track fun. Clever synth arpeggios and sudden silences or delayed resolutions keep you on your toes. Or maybe that's just mirroring how the victim feels?

And as the saxophone starts in, it's like the camera pulls out. The thrilling solo implies action while obscuring the truth—we don't know if this was crazy love or just a crazy crime. But we're left with a final hint: the minute-long sax section fades directly into what sounds like a siren. Decide for yourself by putting "Blueberry Lips" on repeat.

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Stream "Blueberry Lips" below.

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