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Johnny Cisneros - Let's Talk

Moving from one life milestone to the next can feel disorienting. "Let's Talk" explores that loss of identity and out-of-place feeling through a phone call to an old lover.

Johnny Cisneros' storytelling extends beyond the self-reflective lyrics. From the opening bars, he sets up tension with the beeps of a phone and a ring. We only hear two rings and a sigh before he launches into the heart of the song.

His sparse harmony evokes the loneliness and ungrounded feeling he hopes a familiar voice can banish. The lyrics feel half addressed to his former lover and half to himself. "I've been pushing on, pretending like I've been alright," sounds more like self-revelation than conversation.

The incredibly steady bassline, falling almost exclusively on the beat, rhythmically pulses. The purposeful stagnation holds us in a state of dreamlike uncertainty. Sparkling synths mirror the simple melody, like unspoken words Johnny is waiting to hear.

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And at the end, we finally hear the other party. A simple, "hello." The internal monologue ends, and the real conversation begins. But with hesitating silence, "Let's Talk" concludes.

Stream "Let's Talk" below.

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  1. Hi Ben McCoy, thank you for updating us with a new single from Johnny Cisneros. "Let's Talk" debuted in my weekly personal indie chart this week.

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